Dmitry Uryakin told “Vecherka” newspaper about ways to defend against consumer extremism

Dmitry Uryakin - Associate

According to media reports, over the past few years, businesses in the service sector have faced more frequent incidents of consumer aggression. Experts point to the economic crisis and restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic as the main reasons for the public tension.

Dmitry Uryakin, Lawyer at Maxima Legal, told the “Vecherka” newspaper that the only way to defend oneself against an aggressive consumer is to call the law enforcement authorities.

“Of course, if the client’s behavior is flagrantly inadequate and there is a risk that he may cause more damage to health of his employees or company’s property, then you should “neutralize” him by your own forces, if possible, without causing any harm to his health, and in this state hand him over to police,” – added the expert.

According to Dmitry, if the aggressor’s actions caused damage to employees’ health or personal belongings and had a negative impact on the company’s property, such expenses, in particular, for repairing and cleaning the premises and buying new office equipment, can be recovered from the offender.

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