Maxim Ali told “Delovoy Petersburg” how the company can protect its trademark

Maxim Ali - Partner

“Delovoy Petersburg” prepared aт article in which representatives of law firms shared their opinions on the most effective ways to protect trademarks from unfair use by competitors.

Thus, Maxim Ali, Partner, Head of Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law practice at Maxima Legal, considers an effective way to appeal to the Federal Antimonopoly Service. “In an “ordinary” dispute, the aggrieved party brings a claim directly to court, and the judge takes a passive position and looks at what evidence each party has brought. If the case is initiated by the antimonopoly service, it acts proactively and collects evidence itself,” – the expert explained.

According to Maxim, this approach makes it possible to find out, for example, who stands behind a certain website, from what IP addresses messages were published and what logs are stored by the administration of the social network. It is not easy for a common market player to obtain this information. “In addition, antitrust officials often send detailed requests for documents and explanations to the parties to the dispute. They cannot be ignored – administrative responsibility will follow,” – the expert noted.

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