Maxim Ali has provided his comments to Forbes regarding a potential court dispute between Laboratory Kaspersky and the Dutch government

Maksim Ali Senior Associate

Russian IT company, Laboratory Kaspersky, announced that it intends to litigate against the Dutch government for its decision in Amsterdam to ban the use of the company’s products by government departments.

Head of the IP/IT Practice at Maxima Legal, Maxim Ali, explained to Forbes the potential difficulties of the court process depending upon the level at which the restriction is introduced. “It’s one thing to sue over an unfair tender held by a government agency but its another thing is to challenge the legality of the law, referring to the contradictions of the constitution or international obligations”, Maxim stated.

In addition, Maxim noted that attempts at the state level to protect against the use of foreign software are characteristic of many countries, for example, import substitution programmes in IT sector exist in Russia and India.

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