Nikita Deynega told about the most important changes in tax legislation in the first half of 2021

Nikita Deynega — senior associate

From the beginning of 2021 the Federal Tax Service of Russia (FTS) has implemented several rulings concerning taxation. One of the major occurences was thу FTS letter of 10th of March 2021 № BV-4-7/3060@ “About  practical application of ch.54.1 of the Tax Code” in which the main Russian tax authority explained the criteria of evaluating the taxpayer actions and pointed out the algorithm of fraud and malpractice detection.

Nikita Deynega, Head of Tax and Administrative Law practice at Maxima Legal, confirmed to that “the letter provides tax authorities with the step by step algorythm of fraud and malpractice detection: from verifying the transaction and discharging of obligations by the competent company to establishing the real economic rationale and defining non-tax business purposes of transactions”.

Also Nikita commented the position of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation on the “Yug – Novy Vek” case, which, according to the expert, should heighten the certainty in proper asset defining for the purpose of taxation (as movable and non-movable), but unfortunately won’t be able to solve the whole problem.

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