Sergei Bakeshin has commented to Delovoy Peterburg on a major tax dispute

Sergei Bakeshin Senior Associate

The Federal Tax Service has sought to declare company, Ecros-engineering, as insolvency which according to the results of tax audits owes to the fiscal department more than 1 billion roubles. Earlier the taxpayer tried unsuccessfully to file a complaint with a higher tax authority and to challenge in court the additional charge of taxes and fines.

Head of Dispute Resolution and Insolvency Practice at Maxima Legal, Sergei Bakeshin, explained to Delovoy Peterburg newspaper that it is becoming increasingly difficult to win a lawsuit against the tax authority, as the courts appears to be committed to protecting the interests of the budget. In addition, Sergei recalled that in the framework of the insolvency procedure, “the Federal Tax Service does not need to additionally “extort” tax arrears, in this sense the tax authority is in a privileged position with respect to other creditors.”

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