Energy & Utilities

The energy and utilities sector is one of the fastest developing areas of the Russian economy.

Maxima Legal’s Energy and Utilities team is made up of specialists with detailed knowledge and extensive experience of working in the areas of regulation of the energy market, supply of heating, water and sanitation and also in household and industrial waste management. The principle aim of our practice is to provide advice that, whilst taking into account the requirements of the sector’s regulations, identifies the most effective resolution of issues which may arise during investment projects or commercial activities in the energy and utilities sectors.

Services provided by our Energy and Utilities practice include:

  • providing extensive legal assistance in investment projects connected with the generation of electricity, heating, construction or reconstruction of supply networks and other projects in the energy and utilities sectors;
  • conducting due diligence for businesses wishing to acquire companies providing utilities or becoming involved in investment projects;
  • providing advice on the regulation of energy companies and other issues connected with operating in the energy and utilities sector;
  • providing advice on taxation and tariffs applied to energy and utility companies;
  • providing legal advice and assistance when interacting with state and municipal authorities; and
  • assessing and advising on the compatibility of proposed statutory instruments and acts concerning the energy and utilities sector with existing laws.