Elizaveta Pastushenko told Vecherniy Petersburg about the nuances of scheduled passport renewal

Elizaveta Pastushenko — Senior Associate

Despite the active development of digitalisation in Russia, the scheduled renewal of a passport at the age of 20 and 45 still requires compliance with a number of procedures and personal attendance at the competent authorities. Elizaveta Pastushenko, Senior Associate of Private Wealth practice at Maxima Legal, told Vecherniy Petersburg newspaper about the nuances of obtaining a new identity document.

In particular, the expert reminded that for the period when the old passport has already been handed over to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the new one has not yet been received, it is possible to obtain a temporary ID. “With its help, for example, you can buy tickets. It is also accepted by banks for identification. However, in accordance with internal regulations, such a document may not be valid for all operations,” she emphasised.

In the case of scheduled passport renewal, when the surname of its holder remains the same, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is obliged to notify, for example, tax authorities and Rosreestr about the replacement. However, a number of organisations, including banks and mobile phone operators, should be informed themselves.

“It is worth notifying the bank about the issue of a new passport. Specific terms of such notification are not set, but it is important to remember that the bank at any time can conduct a check of the passport, identify its invalidity and suspend operations on accounts,” – said Elizaveta Pastushenko. According to her, in some cases it is also better to update the power of attorney. For example, if a real estate transaction is planned. “This will avoid unnecessary questions and doubts on the part of the counterparty,” explained a Maxima Legal specialist.

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