Sergei Bakeshin has commented “Kommersant” on the settlement of the conflict between the buyer and seller of a former plant1s territory

Sergei Bakeshin - Counsel

n 2021, PSK Group announced a deal to acquire a former territory of Petrokholod plant in St Petersburg. The land plot belongs to SZ Polyustrovsky 87 company, which is equally owned by entrepreneur Andrei Skoblov and the CEIF managed by Svinyin & Partners managing company. Disagreements regarding the terms of the deal were the reason for PSK Groupto go to a court. The claim has not been withdrawn yet, but the parties are talking about the conflict settlement. At the same time, according to SPARK-Interfax, Andrei Skoblov and vinyin & Partners managing company has pledged 100% of shares in the authorised capital of SZ Polyustrovsky 87 to the developer.

Sergei Bakeshin, Counsel, Head of Dispute Resolution & Insolvency Practice at Maxima Legal, commenting on the situation for Kommersant newspaper, suggested that the pledge agreements could have been a way to resolve the dispute out of court.

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