Dispute resolution

Since the firm was founded, Maxima Legal has dealt with dispute resolution. The litigation/arbitration team includes highly experienced and qualified experts in civil and arbitrazh (commercial court) proceedings.

Our practice specialises in the legal support of major transactions in the field of corporate law, insolvency, private international law, supply of goods, construction, real estate and  insurance. The company’s specialists provide legal representation in disputes arising from both private and public legal matters. The practice has a wide range of leading Russian and foreign experts in civil procedure and arbitration at its disposal.

Our services in dispute resolution include:

  • pre-court resolution of disputes;
  • providing of legal opinions on the prospects of dispute settlement;
  • preparation of documentation for legal proceedings;
  • representing clients in Russian and foreign courts;
  • representing clients in national and international arbitration;
  • other means of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR);
  • insolvency (bankruptcy).