Anastasia Samusenko has talked to RBC about the growth of employee activity in protecting their interests in conflicts with the employer

Anastasiya Samusenko

Ozon’s online retailer has announced the end of a two-day strike by its employees. The company’s management and the union behind the strike signed an agreement on changes, including resolving the source of the conflict.

Anastasia Samusenko, Associate at Maxima Legal, told RBC Petersburg that over the past two to three years, employees have become less likely to put up with violations of their labour rights by employers. “It cannot be said that the number of cases has significantly increased, since the court is the last resort. However, more and more workers whose rights are violated, resort to various ways to protect these, for example, by stopping work in the event of prolonged non-payment of wages, refusal to fulfil obligations not provided for by their labour contracts or report violations to other bodies”, noted Anastasia.

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