Key principles

Law with a personal touch

We are passionate about our work and are inspired by our clients. We have a unique approach to what we do.

International standards with a local perpectives

Whilst working according to European standards and seeking to innovate in our legal practice, we remain a national law firm and know how to apply the best legal solutions in our local environment.

The members of our team are highly-qualified professionals specialising in various areas of legal practice. A number of our associates have PhD degrees in law and are, or have been, lecturers at the Law Faculty of St. Petersburg State University. Maxima Legal lawers are often invited to cooperate with this law school and its professors to try and solve challenging legal problems.

We work in both Russian and English languages. Our constantly developing professional network gives our company the opportunity to use the services of foreign law firms – the market leaders in specific areas of legal practice.

Working with clients from all around the world

Our local expertise as a national law firm and global experience within our wide international network helps us to work with clients not only in Russia, but also in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. This gives us a unique opportunity to collaborate with the best Russian and international practices from around the world.

We recognise that every business has a distinct character

Recognising distinctive and unique character in every business and every case, we provide personally tailored and smart business solutions to meet the client’s needs and expectations.

Active position in the market

Maxima Legal takes an active part in the legal market of North-West Russia: our team regularly arranges special events for our clients and partners, as well as for other Russian and foreign companies. We provide regular issues of our Russian law reviews and news; foreign clients are provided with our Doing Business in Russia legal handbook in English, which is updated annually and supplemented by our leading professionals. You can see our latest Russian law reviews and handbook here.

Insurance of professional liability

Maxima Legal provides quality legal services responsibly. Our professional liability is insured by the Alfa Strahovanie.

Social responsibility and civil standing

We feel responsible for those around us and the world in which we live – we support charities, cooperate with educational institutes and provide pro bono services. We seek to be socially responsible and have implemented green policies.