General business

We assist our clients with the resolution of a wide range of issues relating to investment, financing, domestic and international commerce, construction, industrial activities and other areas.

Our clients include investment, industrial, construction, logistic, trade and other businesses and major banks.

Maxima Legal provides legal assistance on various commercial matters including:

  • setting up of businesses in Russia and abroad, Russian and international joint ventures;
  • M&A transactions;
  • legal due diligence of a business and its different aspects, including legal capacity, assets, transactions, contracts, compliance with public regulations;
  • legal support for different local and cross-border transactions in Russia and globally;
  • legal support for commercial projects in Russia and globally;
  • employment law;
  • legal advice on matters of Russian and foreign commercial and contract law;
  • legal advice on insolvency matters, representation of clients in insolvency procedures in Russia and abroad;
  • advising on different matters of compliance with public regulations as well as communication with central and municipal authorities in Russia and foreign countries;
  • legal arrangements for tenders, legal support for participation in tenders;
  • drafting contracts and agreement of various metters, including but not limited to: leases, supply contracts, commercial contracts joint renting, leasing, franchising, concession agreements contacts of sale and loan and credit agreements;
  • complex legal support (legal outsourcing) for Russian and foreign businesses.

To provide the most efficient support for international commercial projects in Russia and abroad we have formed a specialised Team for international investments and international projects.