Social projects

The principle of social responsibility has been and remains a guiding principle of our firm. At Maxima Legal we think about those who need our help and we give consideration not only to the commercial, but also to social projects and ventures.

Maxima Legal provides charitable assistance to the following organizations:

St Petersburg Regional Branch of the All-Russian Public Movement Volunteers of Victory

Assistance to veterans is one of the priority areas of work for the All-Russian public movement “Volunteers of Victory”. Participants of the movement provide the necessary support to veterans and participants of the Great Patriotic War throughout the year.

Charitable Foundation AdVita (Radi Zhizny)

The St Petersburg Charitable Foundation AdVita (Radi Zhizny) has since 2002 helped children and adults with cancer.  The Foundation helps cancer patients and their medical providers pay for medicines, prostheses and implants, searching for bone marrow donors, purchasing equipment and supports families of patients. A charity for collecting blood donations and a volunteer service has been set up by the Foundation. The Helping is Easy! programme is aimed at developing a charity that is wide-reaching and convenient for donors.

Faith and Hope Charitable Foundation

The Foundation is engaged in the spiritual and educational work with the persons with disabilities, orphans and children left without parental care in orphanage, boarding schools, and children’s homes. The Foundation’s mission is to give warmth, love and care to the orphans and abandoned children, disabled or sick children or children in need.

Novolisinskaya Boarding Secondary School of the General Education, a Municipal State-owned Educational Institution

At the boarding school the children educate are from large families, disadvantaged homes (often due to drug addiction or alcoholism) or children left without parental care.

Psycho-neurological Boarding School number 10 St Petersburg

The purpose of this independent institution is to provide a social service for senior citizens and those with disabilities who may be suffering from the mental and chronic conditions requiring the constant nursing care.

Our firm’s social responsibility includes providing legal assistance with reduced fees or on free of charge basis (pro bono):

  • In the summer of 2013, the lawyers of Maxima Legal defended the interests of Yury Shevchuk, the singer of DDT group in the resonant “case of honor” against Nikolai Denin, the Governor of the Bryansk region. We were able to prove the injustice of the charges brought against the singer and defend his right to express his own public stand.
  • A long-term partnership connects the team of Maxima Legal with St. Petersburg Academic Philharmonic named after Shostakovich . While recognizing its invaluable contribution to national cultural heritage, lawyers of Maxima Legal are providing support to the oldest Russian Philharmonic on a reduced fees basis.
  • Maxima Legal provides assistance to the ALEXANDER Foundation for Support of the Culture, Arts and Education under the patronage of Alexander Sokurov. The Foundation is named after the Russian film director and screenwriter, its aims aims are support the creative initiatives and endeavours of the talented people across Russia.

If you and your organization are in need of financial or professional assistance, or if you would like to participate in our social projects, please contact us at +7 (812) 454 22 14 or e-mail (St. Petersburg) or (Moscow).