Tax & Administrative Law

Tax & Administrative Law Practice of Maxima Legal unites well-qualified professionals with unique expertise in Russian and international taxation as well as customs and antimonopoly regulation.

In-depth theoretical knowledge combined with significant practical experience enables us to successfully mitigate tax, customs and antitrust risks of our clients as well as assist them during audits and efficiently resolve disputes with tax and other state authorities in pre-court and court proceedings.

In addition, the practice team analyzes clients’ business activities for compliance with legal requirements and availability of opportunities to reduce a fiscal burden. The lawyers also ensure implementation of clients’ tax provisions, starting from estimation of the potential for refund of mandatory payments or their reduction in the future to ensuring that the client actually gets the economic effect from the proposed measures.

Our services within the practice include:

Tax, Customs and Antimonopoly legislation consulting:

  • legal support of commercial activity: elaboration/assessment of tax accounting methodology; determination of tax and related consequences of complex transactions; elaboration of regulations on the interaction with counterparties for the exercise of commercial discretion; assessment of actions for compliance with antitrust legislation and preparation of recommendations in this respect
  • advising in areas of the practice specialization on such project activity as investments, reorganizations, sale/purchase of assets, M&A transactions, etc
  • tax due diligence
  • advising on international and cross-border taxation, including tax aspects of de-offshorisation, application of controlled foreign company legislation, rules of beneficial ownership and the automatic exchange of information
  • support for implementation of concession/ PPP arrangements in relation to taxation and antitrust matters
  • advising on Russian and international taxation matters for private clients

Dispute resolution and defence of rights and interests

  • Assisting with tax, custom and antitrust audit: ensuring compliance with clients’ rights during audits, drafting of defence strategies, preparation of evidence in case of disputes
  • pre-court and court resolving disputes with state authorities
  • defence of rights and legitimate interests in cases of unfair competition or other violations of antitrust law at pre-trial stages and in court

Analysis of business activities and implementation of tax reserves

  • assessment the commercial operations for compliance with tax, customs and antitrust legislation
  • drafting proposals for acceptable reductions in the fiscal burden, structuring of groups of companies and defining optimal models of ownership of Russian and foreign assets
  • implementing tax provisions: from assessing the potential for refunds or reductions in future levies to securing the actual economic effect of proposed measures