Intellectual property & Information technologies

The IP/IT practice at Maxima Legal brings together highly-qualified lawyers working in the fields of intellectual property and information technology law including patent attorneys.  

Nowadays issues of protecting intellectual property are important to practically every company.  Issues of intellectual property and information technology law are relevant when using software, compiling databases, creating and promoting internet resources or in advertising.  For companies involved in the IT, high-tech or medical sectors, these areas of law are crucial to ensure their innovations are protected but they are also important to businesses connected to creative and scientific fields.

We help our clients obtain effective protection for their technical innovations, software, designs and creations, know-how and other intellectual property.

We also assist clients protect confidential information from being disclosed by employees or partners.  Our experience includes advising clients on how to comply with data protection laws.

The services of our IP/IT practice include:

  • legal audit of intellectual property and branding;
  • management strategies relating to the protection of rights to intellectual property and branding;
  • acquisition of rights to intellectual property and branding;
  • registration of intellectual property in Russia and abroad;
  • completing legal analyses of systems for processing personal data in respect of their lawfulness, providing recommendations on reducing risks where companies and its employees could potentially incur liability;
  • providing legal support for franchising networks: from developing franchising schemes, their operation and preparing necessary documents to conducting legal analyses of existing franchises;
  • protection of trade secrets, personal data and other confidential information;
  • consultancy and legal opinions on intellectual property and information issues;
  • representing clients in court and resolving disputes relating to intellectual property, data protection, including before the Intellectual Property Court;
  • legal audit of advertisements and information placed in the media;
  • advising clients and representing their interests in cases concerning business reputation.