Dmitry Uryakin commented for Kommersant the conflict around the construction of a shopping and restaurant complex in Murino

Dmitry Uryakin - Associate

The administration of Murino once again cancelled the permit for construction of a retail-restaurant complex previously issued to Renta Invest LLC. Last year the company bought a plot of land with a set of design and permission documents for the construction of a commercial pavilion in Murino. After starting construction work, Renta Invest faced resistance from citizens, which was supported by the local authorities. The investor challenged the actions of Vsevolozhsk district administration and Murino in court. In February, the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region sided with the company, finding the actions of the administration illegal. The Court of Appeal upheld the decision of the Court of First Instance. Yesterday the developer resumed works at the site, which again caused protests of Murino citizens.

Dmitry Uryakin, Lawyer at Maxima Legal, explained to Kommersant newspaper that “construction works without construction permit may be regarded as grounds for administrative proceedings against the developer, even for suspension of its activities”. According to the expert now it is better for the company to concentrate on another “judicial iteration” and not to continue working. Dmitry also drew attention to the fact that the construction permit issued by Renta Invest is valid until the end of 2021 and during the time, which the developer will spend on legal proceedings, it will expire. In this case, to issue a new document, he will not work, because it would be contrary to the current version of the rules of land use and development. “Therefore, even if the developer will again recognize the actions of local authorities as illegal, it is unlikely he will be allowed to finish construction of the object” – suggested the expert.

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