Dmitry Uryakin commented for Novy Prospect redelivery of Baltimor trademarks into bankruptcy assets

Dmitry Uryakin - Associate

The Commercial Court of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast has nullified the bidding for 11 trademarks of «TD «Baltimor». Part of Baltimor’s assets including its trademarks were sold on an auction to «Uzhniy Aliance» company. However, one of «TD «Baltimor» creditors – «TOKK» packaging materials manufacturer – filed and application on cancelling the results of the bidding and pointed out numerous procedure violations. The Court agreed with the creditor and forced «Uzhniy Aliance» company to redeliver 11 Baltimor trademarks into bankruptcy assets.

Dmitry Uryakin, Lawyer at Maxima Legal, told Novy Prosect that «after this judicial decision «Uzhniy Aliance» won’t be able to produce and sell goods under Baltimor trademarks». Otherwise, the company can be brought to property liability like recovery of damages or compensation for breaking the bankrupt’s exclusive rights on its intellectual property. «At the same time, if «Uzhniy Aliance» has registered its own trademarks with Baltimor brand, it will be able to produce its goods under these trademarks at least until their legal safeguard won’t be annulled» – said Dmitriy.

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