Lawyers from Maxima Legal has commented on large and extraordinary litigation of the week for Delovoy Peterburg

Anastasiya Samusenko Sergei Bakeshin - Senior Associate

Delovoy Peterburg presented a selection of commercial cases held this week, Maxima Legal lawyers commented on the most significant of these.

Head of Dispute Resolution and Insolvency Practice Sergei Bakeshin commented on the development of a large-scale insolvency case of Transportno-logistichesky Kompleks OJSC. The company owned by Valery Izrailit became insolvent as a result of overdue debts on Sberbank loans. “The terms of the debt restructuring with Sberbank included, in particular, Valery Izrailit’s personal guarantee and the redemption of at least 51% of the company shares by a company affiliated with Sberbank”, Sergey explained. The lawyer also indicated that “the main struggle in this matter is between HC Novotrans, which acquired shares of Transportno-logistichesky Kompleks, and Noviye Kommunalniye Tekhnologii, the largest creditor. They are fighting for a terminal in the port of Ust-Luga. ”

Associate Anastasia Samusenko comments on a claim between Siloviye Mashini, ZTL LMZ, Elektrosila, Energomashexport PJSC and Lonas Technology JSC. The dispute is related to the performance of obligations under construction contracts relating to Norilsk TPP-2. Siloviye Mashini believes that the contractor has missed deadlines and insist on the return of an advance payment. JSC Lonas Technology counterclaims that the contract be declared null and void, and that the claim be dismissed for reasons not related to the contractor. According to Anastasia, the existing relationship and the causes of the dispute can be much more complicated than usual for the contractor and customer dispute. Typically customers seek to force performance of obligations, as well as compensation for damages, but do not to terminate the contract.

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