Maxim Ali has commented on the court practice of large companies brand protection

Maksim Ali Senior Associate

Maxim Ali, Head of IP/IT practice at Maxima Legal, told the Russian Agency for Legal and Judicial Information (RAPSI) about the specifics of the court practice of protecting trademarks of large companies from copying by competitors.

“The amount of compensation in some cases does not exceed the costs of a dispute (given the tendency to underestimate the legal costs charged). But many right owners (especially large ones) understand that their trademark is not just a way to get money through court. It is a tool that preserves the reputation of the company and its products in the eyes of customers and partners, which certainly brings a positive effect, but its monetary value is difficult to calculate.

Another reason is to demonstrate the inevitability of punishment to unscrupulous competitors. If a company actively defends its trademark in courts, a potential infringer will think twice whether it is worth contacting this very brand or it is better to find a more indifferent victim,” the expert explained.

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