Maxim Ali has commented to Fontanka on the legislation for organ transplants

Maksim Ali Senior Associate

The Russian Health Minister, Veronica Skvortsova, has put forward a suggestion initially made by the Russian Institute of Donors. According to the Minister passport applicants should be asked whether they wish to be organ donors or not when they are receiving their passports or other official documents. A bill legislating for such a change may be introduced to the Russian Parliament in the current parliamentary session.

At present the law in this area is regulated by a Federal law from 1992 titled ‘On transporting organs and/or human tissue’. One of the key provisions is a presumption that an individual consents to the use of his or her organs following death.

“This means that consent of every individual to the transporting of his organs after death is assumed if the hospital is not informed otherwise“, explained Senior Associate at Maxima Legal, Maxim Ali to news website Fontanka.

To read them material in full, please see the Fontanka website.