Natalia Diatlova has assessed the probability of reimbursement of losses to the investor as part of the PPP for the Novy Prospekt

Natalia Diatlova - Partner

St Petersburg-based the Medical Investment Solutions Company refused a launch of several polyclinics on a specific type of PPP basis in the Republic of Komi (Russia). The regional authorities provided the investor with 95% less medical assistance, as well as failed to provide the initially promised workload of the medical institution. The Medical Investment Solutions Company actually lost the opportunity to receive payment for services to the population on capitation standard rate. According to the company’s estimates, the damage amounted to about 80 million rubles, which is planned to recover in a court.

Natalia Diatlova, Partner and Head of PPP practice at Maxima Legal, explained to the Novy Prospekt online media, that the chances of reimbursement of losses to the investor are slim under the investment agreement. “In fact, this agreement does not imply a real partnership between an investor and a public party, as the risks are not balanced and are mainly on the investor’s side,” the expert stressed.

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