Natalia Diatlova has commented for on the specifics of personnel recruitment in the legal field

Natalia Diatlova Partner in cooperation with Russian law firm partners has considered problems of selection of employees in the legal sphere. The experts have analysed the reasons for difficulties in personnel search both on the part of job seekers and employers, took into account the peculiarities of hiring both young and experienced specialists. They also touched upon the current market trends caused by the technological development of recent years.

Natalia Diatlova, partner at Maxima Legal especially for, shared her point of view on the issue of personnel search. According to the expert, choosing a lawyer an employer often faces poor training of candidates due to the lack of systematic knowledge of the legislation.

«The employer search is also complicated by the fact that candidates often lack the necessary practical experience, which is expressed in the fact that the applicant has not acquired the skill to analyse the ways of solving problems and projects, in which he himself participated some time ago», – explained Natalia.

The expert also noted the impact of technology on the recruitment process: “The digital economy has blurred many industries, and it is silly to already make a traditional career. There is an increasing demand for the “universality” of the lawyer’s specialisation, while retaining its “narrow” focus, i.e. the ability to flexibly change and adjust it to current market realities”.

Young people have a less developed desire to work “capitalistically”, which is usually expected from age applicants, said the expert: “The latter were very enthusiastic about foreign experience in the post-perestroika period, when working overtime, including weekends, was considered the norm”. According to Natalia, older lawyers, due to the total change of the Russian legislation in the 2010s, are less masterful with the new legal instruments.

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