Natalia Diatlova commented for Novy Prospect the new PPP project of the chain of medical centers Polis

Natalia Diatlova - Partner

Chain of medical centers “Polis”, which is part of group of companies “Euromed”, will open a new polyclinic in the Moskovsky district of St. Petersburg. Construction works have already started and will be completed by the end of this year. The medical complex plans to provide first aid to the citizens under obligatory medical insurance, which is a traditional working scheme for Polis. It should be noted that the chain of medical centers “Polis” most actively of private companies is involved in providing services in the framework of public-private partnership. According to experts, during pandemic, both the state and investors are interested in the development of PPP mechanism in healthcare, but there are objective reasons that limit cooperation, in particular low tariffs for the services provided.

Natalia Diatlova, Partner, Head of the PPP practice at Maxima Legal, confirmed to “Novy Prospect” that the MHI tariffs in PPP projects often remain very low, and the revenues from them cannot be used for return of investment and debt service on the project. “In addition, some projects have a low payback period and require guarantees of minimum profitability and serious budget participation, which not all regions can afford,” the expert explained.

Analyzing trends in the development of PPP mechanism in healthcare, Natalia noted that on the PPP market in Russia there are 28 actually launched projects, mostly in the construction of specialized clinics in the field of rehabilitation, dialysis, nuclear medicine, ophthalmology. “There are also projects to create multiprofile hospitals and polyclinics, as well as industrial medical parks,” said the specialist.

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