Robert Houchill has provided his comments to Forbes on a dispute between Deripaska and Chernukhin

Robert Houchill Senior Associate

Proceedings are ongoing in the High Court in London between businessman Oleg Deripaska and the former chairman of Vnyeshekonombank, Viktor Chernukhin, in a dispute regarding the ownership of property in the centre of Moscow. During proceedings it became known that Oleg Deripaska had sought to collect information about the source of wealth of his opponent for the purpose of potentially submitting this information to the British National Crime Agency.

At the beginning of 2018 a law came into effect which gave authorities powers to freeze assets in the UK with a value over £50,000 held by foreign citizens if the source of this wealth appears to be unexplained.

Associate from Maxima Legal, Robert Houchill, explained to Forbes that Deripaska’s actions could potentially result in an investigation into the source of his opponent’s wealth, although what role this might play in the dispute with Chernukhin is difficult to say.

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