Maxima Legal has managed to recover in favor of the client his court expenses for 7 times higher than average payments

Maxim Ali - Partner

Maxima Legal lawyers have helped Svetlaya Muzyka (Light Music) to recover around 90% of the cost of the intellectual property dispute.

The evidence of the volume, complexity and duration of legal services to support the trial provided by Maxima Legal team convinced court of several instances to oblige the opponent to cover the client’s court expenses almost in full, despite the tendency of the courts to understate the amount of compensation.

Recall, that the team of IP/IT practice at Maxima Legal in three court instances has defended the interests of one of the largest and oldest organizers of mass entertainment events in St Petersburg, the company Svetlaya Muzyka (Light Music), in a resonance conflict with a former partner who tried to prohibit the client to use a jointly developed logo of the St Petersburg Craft Event.

As part of the representation of the client’s interests, Maxima Legal lawyers have collected extensive evidence, including evidence that the opponent concealed a financial participation of the client in the creation of the logo. The team has also developed a new position for Russian court practice on the inadmissibility of retroactive alienation of the exclusive right, which allowed to state that the opponent has no right to claim.

The work carried out by Maxima Legal lawyers made it possible to preserve the business reputation of the client and to avoid the payment for copyright infringement required by the former partner.

“It is interesting that the amount of the court expenses, which the plaintiff is now obliged to reimburse to our client, is comparable to the compensation that he originally sought, referring to the alleged misuse of the logo,” – said Maxim Ali, Head of IP/IT practice at Maxima Legal.