Maxim Ali told about the court practice on unfair competition cases at the meeting with the leadership of the St. Petersburg FAS of the Russian Federation

Maxim Ali - Partner

SPIBA Legal Committee held a meeting with the management of the St. Petersburg FAS of the Russian Federation, where the participants discussed topical issues related to antitrust regulation, unfair competition cases and advertising.

Maxim Ali, Head of Intellectual Property and Information Technologies Law practice at Maxima Legal, analyzed the most demonstrative cases of unfair competition and shared the conclusions of courts and the FAS, which should be taken into consideration.

Thus, according to the expert, there is still a problem with proving the associative link between the product and the harmed company. In addition, courts often do not take into account the haste with which consumers choose products on the Internet. Maxim also pointed out the fact that courts have become more thorough in examining the interviews and researches provided by the parties of the conflict as evidence, as well as paying attention to the procedural behavior of the offender.