Maxima Legal has expanded its presence on the rating and entered top-4 law firms by the total number of industry awards and top-7 by the number of first level awards

Konstantin Boytsov - Senior associate Leonid Filanovskiy - Partner Maxim Ali - Partner Maxim Avrashkov - Managing Partner Natalia Demina - Partner Natalia Diatlova - Partner Nikita Deynega — senior associate Sergei Bakeshin - Senior Associate

On December, 2 the results of  the key Russian rating of law firms,, were published. Maxima Legal has once again proved the high level of expertise of its practice areas and collected a total of 18 industry awards, a third of which were “gold”. It should be noted, that the firm entered TOP-7 of legal advisers by the number of first level awards, and became the leader in this index in the regional survey.  

Within the regional industry rankings Maxima Legal secured the leadership status in the areas of corporate/M&A, tax law, land law/commercial real estate/construction, and intellectual property. In addition, the firm rose to first place in the commercial litigation (mid-market) and had  the leading positions in the Family and Inheritance Law category for the first time and immediately.

Traditionally the analysts and experts of also highly appreciated the qualification and professional experience of Maxima Legal in the field of bankruptcy and criminal law, as well as distinguished the company in the field of dispute resolution in the courts of general jurisdiction for the first time.

Commercial Litigation – 1 tier 

Land Law/Commercial Real Estate/Construction – 1 tier 

Intellectual Property – 1 tier

Corporate/M&A – 1 tier

Tax Law (consulting and disputes) – 1 tier

Family & Iinheritance law – 1 tier NEW

Bankruptcy (including disputes) – 2 tier

Dispute resolution in ordinary courts – 2 tier NEW

Criminal Law– 2 tier

Maxima Legal retained its leading positions in the federal level in the Family and Inheritance Law, Private Wealth Management, PPP/Infrastructure Projects, Natural Resources/Energy and Telecoms, Media & Technology groups. Once again, the professionalism of our lawyers has ensured that the firm is one of the strongest legal teams in the federal rankings in the areas of Intellectual Property and Corporate Law. In doing so, the firm managed to expand its presence and improve its position in these areas. Furthermore, Maxima Legal team received recognition in the Land Law/Commercial Real Estate/Construction category for the first time.

Intellectual Property (Rights Protection and disputes) – 2 tier

Corporate/M&A, High ebd  – 2 tier

Family and Inheritance law – 2 tier

Private Wealth Management – 2 tier

PPP/Infrastructure Projects – 3 tier

Land Law/Commercial Real Estate/Construction – 3 tier NEW

Intellectual Property (consulting) – 3 tier

Natural Resources/Energy – 3 tier

TMT (Telecommunications, Media & Technology) – 3 tier rating is intended to improve the transparency of the Russian legal services market. For over 10 years the survey has served as a benchmark for assessing the level and professionalism of legal consultants and selecting contractors. The rating methodology is based on the assessment of the project experience of law firms as well as on the feedback received from clients regarding the level of service and value-for-money ratio of legal services. An independent Board of Experts, comprised of heads of legal departments of major Russian and international corporations, has been established to improve the rating mechanisms.

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