Maxima Legal has launched a new service for private clients – advice on the issues of banking regulation and protection of private investors’ rights in Switzerland

Natalia Demina - Partner

Law firm Maxima Legal has expanded the range of services provided as part of its Private Wealth practice. The firm has been offering a package of Banking and Financial Markets Law services for private clients who have assets or bank accounts in Switzerland.

Switzerland remains the most attractive jurisdiction for financial investments by HNWI investors, but investment activities in this country can lead to unexpected and unpleasant legal consequences. In particular, the investor’s portfolio at the bank may have significant losses. In addition, potentially conflicting areas are also financing of projects, companies and the acquisition of real estate or the structuring and distribution of investment products.

The new practice area includes legal analysis of documents between the client and the bank, providing of legal opinions on the prospects of dispute settlement in case of damage to the client’s portfolio during the investment activities, preparation of claims against the bank, representation in negotiations with the bank and the Banking Ombudsman in Switzerland at the stage of pre-court resolution of disputes and litigation.

Comprehensive advice on banking regulation and investor protection in Switzerland is provided by a team that includes Russian specialists of Private Wealth practice, as well as Swiss partners of Maxima Legal: a financial analyst with experience of using similar financial/banking instruments and a qualified lawyer.

“If you have entrusted the management of securities and other financial assets to a Swiss bank and you have lost the invested funds, it can be due not only to investment risks, but also to the incompetence of your personal manager. Such actions of the bank can and must be challenged. However, in order to successfully resolve the situation it is crucial to have an in-depth knowledge of national and international regulations, as well as Swiss Federal Court practice and positions elaborated in most doctrinal sources on such issues”, stressed Natalia Demina, Senior associate, Head of Private Wealth practice at Maxima Legal practice.