Natalia Diatlova and Maxim Ali attended the RusForum UK-Russia conference

Maxim Ali - Partner Natalia Diatlova - Partner

Natalia Diatlova, Partner, Head of Corporate Law practice at Maxima Legal, and Maxim Ali, Partner, Head of Intellectual Property and Information Technologies practice at Maxima Legal, participated in the conference “Intruguing developments in international disputes and the ESG dilemma” organised by the RusForum. The event was supported by the Department of International Trade and the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce.

The conference brought together leading Russian and UK legal experts who discussed major trends in arbitration proceedings, shared their experience in mediating corporate disputes in both countries, and talked about protecting personal assets and other important legal matters.

The forum for Russian-speaking lawyers (RusForum/RusFor) was established for professionals who share a common interest in developing their knowledge of law and the Russian language. Its main goal is to increase mutual trust between the UK and Russia and to facilitate interaction between the legal systems. The RusFor Forum has 2,600 members worldwide.