Nikita Deynega participated in the Second Legal Masters Forum in Voronezh

Nikita Deynega — senior associate

On September 17-18, the Second Legal Masters Forum was held in Voronezh. The event brought together more than 200 listeners and speakers from different regions of Russia, who discussed the latest trends and current problems in all areas of legal theory and practice. Along with industry-specific legal issues, the discussions also covered near-legal aspects, such as the organization of the legal business, improving education in law, the impact of modern processes on the profession, etc.

Nikita Deynega, Head of Tax and Administrative Law Practice at Maxima Legal was among the speakers of the section “International Taxation: Current Issues”. In his speech the expert reviewed the tax challenges that may be faced by individuals and told how to minimize the risks of falling in the crosshairs of the tax authorities.