Features of the premises as an object of the concession agreement // Problems of civil law and process.- 2018.- p. 95-100

The research article by Natalia Diatlova, Maxima Legal’s partner and head of the PPP practice, was included in the collection “Problems of Civil Law and Procedure” prepared by the Department of Civil Law and Procedure of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno.

In the article Natalia Diatlova considered issues related to the possibility of involving individual premises in concessional projects. On the basis of the analysis of the legislation on public-private partnership, the expert concluded that there are no legal prohibitions to conclude a concession agreement in respect of the reconstruction of a separate premise, rather than a building as a whole. The aim of the research is to solve theoretical and practical problems arising in the process of concluding a concession agreement in respect of a separate premise, complex analysis of the premise as an object of the concession agreement, determination of the main features that require consideration in the process of forming the conditions of the concession project, development on this basis of recommendations to improve the legislation of the Russian Federation in the area under study. The study specifically notes that the conclusion of a concession agreement in respect of an individual premise is associated with certain difficulties and requires the fulfillment of a number of conditions, the main of which are as follows: it is required to carry out works on cadastral registration of the premises to be reconstructed within the framework of the concession agreement; it is required to obtain a permit for putting the premises into operation, as the change in the structural and other characteristics of the premises, entailing a change in the height, area, volume of such premises, considers

The collection “Problems of civil law and process” is recommended by the Supreme Attestation Commission of the Republic of Belarus for publication of the results of dissertation studies in legal sciences, and is also included in the scientometric database “Russian Science Citation Index”. The publication contains scientific articles by specialists in the field of civil law and process, as well as related civil law disciplines. It is addressed to all those interested in the problems of the theory of legal regulation of civil law relations and law enforcement practice, the prospects of improving the legislation in modern conditions.

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