Natalia Demina explained to Delovoy Peterburg the business prospects in the absence of legacy planning

Natalia Demina - Partner

The newspaper “Delovoy Peterburg” has pointed out that entrepreneurs prefer not to rush into decisions on transferring assets to heirs. At the same time, there are more and more “high-profile” inheritance disputes. Among the latest examples are numerous lawsuits between heirs of Natura Siberica cosmetics production, dispute between relatives of Oleg Burlakov, included by Forbes in 2021 in the list of 200 richest businessmen in Russia, and corporate conflict that arose after the death of one of the owners of JSC ROK-1, which is one of the five leaders in the fish processing industry.

“Every other owner says he is terrified when he imagines how the business will be torn apart after his death,” Natalia Demina, Partner, Head of Private Wealth practice at Maxima Legal, told the “Delovoy Peterburg” newspaper. – But the reality is that the owners’ worst dreams always come true if inheritance planning issues are not resolved and the rules of the game are not defined during their lifetime. When big money and assets are at stake, they will always be taken away, there is no other way around it”.

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