Natalia Diatlova told Kommersant about Russian M&A market in 2022

Natalia Diatlova - Partner

In 2022, Russian M&A market intensified significantly. Its main trends were sales by international companies of their russinan divisions as well as decisions made by the subsidiaries to operate independently in Russia.

“The number of transactions remained roughly at the same level or fell within 5-8%. At the same time, the actual value of realisable assets has increased. However, in ruble terms, the amount of transactions decreased significantly: more than twofold, reaching 60%,” Natalia Diatlova, Partner and Head of Corporate Law Practice at Maxima Legal, told Kommersant newspaper. She also stessed that in some of the largest transactions the value of asset transfers was estimated by the parties equal to the minimum amount of the share capital.

In addition, Natalia drew the media attention to the fact that, according to publicly available information Sylvamo, an american producer of office paper, may sell its assets in Russia ten times below the market value of the company: the transaction price of $800 million instead of the market estimate of $8 billion”.

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