Sergey Tarasevich told Cbonds Weekly News what an investor should take into account when exchanging blocked assets

Sergey Tarasevich

Investicionnaya Palata Broker announced the strategy of accepting bids for the redemption of frozen assets and published the prices from which the auction will begin.

As previously announced, the prices are taken from foreign exchanges at the end of trading on Friday, 22 March 2024. It is assumed that foreign investors will buy these assets from the Russians on the funds that have accumulated in their accounts of type C, not lower than at the quotations specified in the list.

It should be reminded that foreign shares, depositary receipts for foreign shares and ETF units can be presented for exchange. Eurobonds, as well as shares and depositary receipts of quasi-Russian companies, structured notes and non-qualified foreign financial instruments, on the contrary, are not included in the list.

Sergey Tarasevich, Associate of Tax & Administrative Law Practice at Maxima Legal, helped Cbonds Weekly News understand what key points an investor deciding to participate in the exchange of blocked assets should know and consider.

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