Maxima Legal has been recognised in all areas of’s Private Equity research

Natalia Demina - Partner legal media has studied in detail the market for services for HNWI-clients for the first time. As a result, the media has identified 7 most relevant areas of legal support, for each of which specific services and law firms providing them have been singled out. Maxima Legal has become one of 4 companies out of 76 which cover the whole range of potential HNWI-clients’ needs covered by the survey: 

Working in the face of restrictions and sanctions

  • handling of personal sanctions
  • asset security
  • projects to apply new currency restrictions
  • handling of  international companies that have ceased operations in Russia


Handling of the state and state control

  • tax structuring of private wealth, avoidance of double taxation
  • сapital amnesty and de-offshorisation 
  • аinancial control and the Central Bank / Rosfinmonitoring monitoring 
  • customs issues
  • а sale to the private sector


Interaction with companies, counterparties, business partners

  • asset transactions (preparation and execution)
  • сorporate, administrative and commercial disputes
  • crypto-currency
  • luxury goods and art, and securities transactions
  • buying, selling and managing real estate
  • protection of reputation and privacy


International projects

  • international assets structuring
  • asset tracing and cross-border investigations
  • litigation and enforcement in different countries
  • working with international partners and contractors


Liability of beneficiaries of  business

  •  companyinsolvency | personal insolvency of beneficiary
  • subsidiary liability
  • damages recovery
  • criminal liability


Investment and investment citizenship

  • investment activities
  • investment citizenship
  •  immigration matters
  • tax optimization


Impact of family and heirs on capital

  • corporate conflicts involving family, heirs 
  • prenuptial agreements, divorce proceedings
  • inheritance (foundations/trusts), inheritance dispute


In addition, Maxima Legal has been listed as one of the top-5 service providers in the most popular jurisdictions (the UK, Cyprus, the UAE, the USA, Switzerland), as well as in the jurisdictions gaining popularity in 2022 (Armenia, Hong Kong, Georgia, Kazakhstan, China, Turkey, Uzbekistan).

To read detailed information on the listing and its results (in Russian), please see website >>>