Succession Planning

Succession planning enables a client to determine in advance the means and process whereby his property is inherited and has the aim of guaranteeing the precise distribution of assets in accordance with a developed plan, the timely resolution of complex matters relating to the protection and control of a client’s assets until they are received by his inheritors, the drawing-up of effective mechanisms for the protection and maintenance of his business in the future, levelling the risks of its loss (seizure), etc.

Maxima Legal conducts its inheritance planning work in partnership with Elena Antonova, a St. Petersburg notary who is a specialist in succession planning.

The services of the Private Wealth Practice relating to succession planning include:

  • due diligence and analysis of the structure of client’s assets for the purposes of succession planning;
  • advising on possible succession grounds and mechanisms for the conveyance of property to inheritors, protection and management of inheritance, ;
  • advising potential testators on the structuring of business and other assets for the purposes of inheritance;
  • structuring of assets and possessions, elimination of problems, preparing property for inheritance;
  • resolution of organizational and legal problems relating to a client’s property abroad (in cooperation with Maxima Legal’s foreign legal partners and notaries);
  • preparing and drawing up of notarial acts ensuring succession planning including wills, marital agreements, transactions aimed at intention disposal of assets;
  • advising inheritors on matters relating to the commencement of inheritance, the management of property and protection of their inheritance, litigation support of inheritance cases;
  • management of property to be inherited and separate services relating to the protection of an inheritance.