Sergei Bakeshin told the DP about the weaknesses of the “coronavirus” laws

Sergei Bakeshin Senior Associate

During the Coronavirus pandemic all levels of state authorises adopted a lot of new quarantine`s regulation rules and restrictions. Due to the remote nature of the preparation of the legal documents and the rush to draft and adopt them, the new laws were characterised by a large number of inaccuracies, vague wording and the possibility of ambiguous interpretations.

Sergei Bakeshin, Senior associate at Maxima Legal, told the Delovoy Peterburg newspaper how it was formally allowed visiting gardens and parks in St Petersburg on account of the wrong dates. The expert also reminded about the amendments promptly made to the newly adopted law on the moratorium on bankruptcy: one of the law article instead of protecting certain industries would hurt them.

“It was also difficult to define the main activity for obtaining benefits. The Unified State Register of Legal Entities may have specified the wrong code of All-Russian Classifier of Economic Activities, and the affected company was deprived of the chance to receive assistance. And, for example, Agrotorg company, which owns a chain of Pyaterochka food stores has the code as a company that specialising on trade in non-food products. So the company has a formal right to,” added Sergei.

In addition, Sergei Bakeshin drew attention to the confusion that arose due to constant changes in legislation. According to the expert, it was not obvious under what articles one should be held liable for violation of certain quarantine rules: under one or another, new or longstanding article of the Federal Administrative Code or under regional laws.

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