Natalia Diatlova has studied prospective PPP projects in the Murmansk region

Partner and Head of the PPP Practice at Maxima Legal, Natalia Diatlova, has taken part in an investment session for public-private partnership projects as part of the seventh Murmansk International Business Week.

The event brought together more than 70 representatives of infrastructure, business support and government departments, investors, experts and law firms with experience advising on PPP projects from the north-west federal region and Arctic zones of Russia, as well as from Bashkortostan and Tatarstan.

The main agenda of the investment session was the discussion of prospective projects in the Murmansk region which will be implemented through the use of PPP: including the construction of a surgery in a regional hospital, sports and recretion complex in Kandalaksha, renovation of a kindergarten in Severomorsk, modernising the heating system in Zapolyarny and lighting for motorways in the region.

“In the near future in the Murmansk region there will be five new PPP projects. Although this is not the region’s first project, the region made a strategically important decision to show the projects to not only potential investors but also to experts. Of course each project and each region is unique which is why it is important to talk about repeating previous successes with caution. A fresh view and a wide variety of opinions and professional discussion enables participants to uncover hidden traps and propose alternative approaches to their resolution. It is premature to give preference to any project, each is in its own development stage and has its own strengths and weaknesses. Thought I note the development of the projects and support from the Murmansk region, which is an undoubted positive factor helping to achieve the successful implementation of these projects in the region”, commented Natalia Diatlova.

The Murmansk International Business Week is an annual forum aimed at developing international and interregional cooperation, strengthening the interaction of the state, development institutions and the business community.