Corporate law

We provide our clients with a full range of services relating to the setting up of Russian and foreign companies, joint ventures, the legal assistance for M&A transactions, corporate restructuring and insolvency, drafting and performing strategic corporate resolutions, the issuing of shares and the settlement of corporate disputes, as well as the resolution of other issues that arise in the process of corporate management and restructuring.

Our advice and legal assistance in the field of corporate law cover, in particular:

  • M&A transactions, share deals
  • corporate issues of Russian and international joint ventures
  • shareholders and other corporate agreements
  • corporate due diligence
  • issues relating to corporate structure, issue and circulation of securities
  • corporate restructuring
  • issues relating to antimonopoly legislation
  • settlement of corporate disputes
  • other matters of Russian and foreign corporate law

The Maxima Legal team has an English lawyer, who is a qualified solicitor in England and Wales (Robert Houchill) with extensive experience of advising and assisting individuals and companies in respect of UK law. Robert is able to assist with corporate law matters.

Furthermore Maxima Legal is a member of the International Lawyers Network ( – one of the biggest associations of law firms, uniting over 5,000 lawyers from 100 reputable companies and market leaders in over 70 countries. As a member of ILN our company represents Russia and its North-West region.

Participation in ILN, as well as a well-established professional network, which includes legal firms from England, Germany, France, Scandinavian and other Central and East European countries, USA, Canada, Australia, who provide us with a unique opportunity to succeed in using advanced foreign experience and the best global practices, as well as helping in rendering high-quality legal services with regard to both Russian and foreign law.

More information about maintaining the international M&A transactions as well as advising on various questions of foreign law see on the International investments & International projects page.