Intellectual property & Information technologies

This is a field that requires highly-skilled professionals specialising in information technology and intellectual property law, including Russian and Eurasian patent attorneys.

We assist our clients in protecting their rights relating to inventions, industrial and utility models, trademarks, service marks, appellations of origin, trade names and commercial names, know-how and technologies, rights to literary, artistic and scientific works, performing rights, sound recordings, radio and television broadcasts.

We offer advice on issues relating to the protection of information, trade secrets and personal data, as well as ensuring the security and protection of other confidential information.

The services of our IP & IT practice include:

  • completing legal analyses of systems for processing personal data in respect of their lawfulness, providing recommendations on reducing risks where companies and its employees could potentially incur liability
  • registration of intellectual property in Russia and abroad
  • acquisition of rights to intellectual property and branding
  • providing legal support for franchising networks: from developing franchising schemes, their operation and preparing necessary documents to conducting legal analyses of existing franchises
  • legal audit of intellectual property and branding
  • legal audit of advertisements and information placed in the media
  • management strategies relating to the protection of rights to intellectual property and branding
  • protection of trade secrets, personal data and other confidential information
  • consultancy and legal opinions on intellectual property and information issues
  • legal representation and resolution of disputes relating to the protection of intellectual property rights, rights to confidential information and the safeguarding of business reputation