Alina Esmanskaya has told how to find the testator’s assets

Alina Esmanskaya — associate

There are a number of risks associated with inheriting assets, from missing the six-month deadline for accepting an inheritance to the debt obligations of the deceased and the unlawful actions of his relatives. legal media has asked experts in private client support what problems heirs may encounter.

Alina Esmanskaya, Associate of Private Wealth practice at Maxima Legal, told that inheriting assets is often difficult to find, as the heirs very rarely create registers. According to the expert, a notary can help in the search for assets, but this is not an obligation. Heirs, first of all, must search for the assets themselves. However, as Alina stressed, the notary will only be able to send requests for information about the assets to public registers and banks. The information about the real estate and other registered assets, as well as the accounts of the testator are stored there.

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