Anastasia Samusenko has commented for NP on the appearance of a CEIF among the owners of Gatchinskiy Myisokombinat meat processing plant

Anastasia Samusenko - Senior Associate

The ownership structure of Gatchinsky Myisokombinat meat processing plant has changed. Entrepreneurs Andrei Nesterov and Klavdia Kalnitskaya retained their stakes. The rest of the shares have passed to Danil Dolgikh, ex-owner of the Oktyabrsky Cognac Factory  and RSP Group CEIF. They split 50% stake that was previously owned by a company of the full namesake of the former deputy head of the Federal Fishing Agency. The management company of Gatchinsky Myisokombinat meat processing plant is Peter LLC, owned by Danil Dolgikh, Andrei Nesterov and Klavdia Kalnitskaya.

Anastasia Samusenko, Senior Associate at Maxima Legal, Novy Prospect online publishing that usually one of two goals is pursued when creating a CEIF. “The first is investment, i.e. realisation of a new project, raising funds. The second one is structuring the ownership of assets, for example, for inheritance planning and so on,” the expert noted, emphasising that owners of a small company are more often facing the second goal.

According to Anastasia’s assessment, the most common sector for the operation of CEIFs is real estate and development. “Classic” CEIFs often invest in the food industry, but usually within 10% of the size of their assets. However, trends are changing, and now, for example, CEIFs are increasingly being used for purposes for which offshore structures were previously used. This means that the spheres of activity of companies that transfer their shares to a CEIF are also expanding”, – explained the expert.

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