Sergei Bakeshin has commented for DP on the prospects of resolving disputes through amicable settlement agreements

Sergei Bakeshin - Counsel

The Derbent wine and cognac combine is trying to recover almost RUB 200 mn from St Petersburg-based Vilash-Combinat of Champagne Wines LLC. The reason for the dispute, according to unofficial reports, could be contractual production. At the end of November, the defendant filed an application to the Commercial Court of the Republic of Dagestan to approve a settlement agreement. Sergei Bakeshin, Head of Dispute Resolution & Insolvency Practice at Maxima Legal, spoke specifically for Delovoy Peterburg newspaper about the advantages of this option of aconflicts resolution.

“As is well known, in most cases, a bad peace is better than a good quarrel. As a general rule, a settlement agreement is executed voluntarily. A writ of execution for compulsory recovery is sought in a court only if this rule is violated. Since the system of forced execution of judicial acts in Russia is not too effective, the chances of being executed at the settlement agreement is more than at the court decision”, explained the expert.

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