Elizaveta Pastushenko has assessed for Pravo.ru changing the law establishing the procedure for leaving and entering Russia

Elizaveta Pastushenko — associate

The State Duma has approved an amendment to the Federal Law “On the procedure for exit from and entry into the Russian Federation”. The document introduces 15 causes to invalidate a foreign, diplomatic or service passport. One of the amendments` purposes is to transfer reliable information about stolen and lost passports to other countries.

Elizaveta Pastushenko, Associate of Private Wealth practice at Maxima Legal, explained Pravo.ru legal publishing that previously the causes for invalidation of passports were not regulated. Records were kept only in respect of issued passports. However, according to the expert, whether the innovations will help to more effectively avoid situations where citizens use invalid passports will only become clear later.

The novelty also establishes the term during which a foreign passport must be submitted to the authorities in case its owners’s departure abroad was restricted due to security clearance, conscription, assignment for alternative service, work for the FSB or dismissal. It will be five working days from the date of the decision to temporarily ban the document holder from leaving Russia.

Elizaveta noted that this innovation will oblige the authorities to act more quickly, which may also strengthen control.

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