Maxim Ali shared with the DP his advice for aspiring lawyers

Maxim Ali - Partner

“Delovoy Peterburg”, as part of the project “Jurtop: Team Score”, asked the young lawyers of the participating companies what problems they face on their career path, what motivates them to work and what advice can help aspiring professionals.

Maxim Ali, Head of Intellectual Property and Information Law practice at Maxima Legal, told the newspaper that he started his career as a paralegal during his studies. A year later he had his own projects, and two years later he became a lawyer.

“Working as a paralegal helps you learn a simple principle: try to invest as much as you can in the work you are entrusted with now, and then you will be entrusted with something more substantial. I was 27 years old when I took over the intellectual property and IT practice at Maxima Legal. At 30 I was already a partner in the firm,” the expert shared.

Maxim Ali advised young colleagues not to look at the size of the salary but at the team of specialists when choosing a first job. According to Maxima Legal Partner, without it you will not develop skills of communication with clients, colleagues and in general get a general idea about the profession.

According to Maxim, the most important thing in the legal profession is social significance. “When you manage to help a project important to society, make a client’s life easier or simply overcome injustice in a particular case, it is inspiring,” said the specialist.

Maxim is also motivated by the relative freedom of action and the absence of unnecessary bureaucratic procedures within the company, as “the freedom to propose solutions directly to the owner or head of the business allows for creative solutions to problems – that’s why people turn to consultants”.

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