Winners of the “Jurtop: Team Score” rating told “Business Petersburg” about the principles of teamwork

Konstantin Boytsov - Counsel Maxim Avrashkov - Managing Partner Sergei Bakeshin - Counsel

On April 13 Delovoy Peterburg summarized the results of its annual ranking ” Jurtop: Team Score”. A dispute over the distribution of property of a liquidated legal entity, which was accompanied by Maxima Legal lawyers, became the winner in the “Process of the Year” nomination. The project team included Maxim Avrashkov, Managing Partner at Maxima Legal, Sergei Bakeshin, Head of Dispute Resolution and Bankruptcy Practice, and Konstantin Boytsov, Senior Associate. Specially for the Delovoy Peterburg experts told about litigation process and principles of teamwork in the company.

According to Sergei Bakeshin, this case is unusual for Maxima Legal. “The case was fairly straightforward and yet could have potentially caused a lot of headaches for the client. As a result, the case turned from a formal procedure into a dispute where we had to form a position and convince the court that our client had an interest in the case. At the same time, one of the owners of the company, a party to the lawsuit, died. We managed to persuade the court that there was no need to seek out and involve his heirs in the case,” the expert explained.

When speaking to a journalist, Maxim Avrashkov said that the company has many large projects that require teamwork. In his opinion, the managing partner’s tasks are more strategic: to determine the project budget, timing, specification of risks that may affect the final result, the choice of the project manager who is responsible for tactics and selects the specialists.

“The key point when forming a team is the competence of the employee and his skills, including communication. The task of the manager is to assemble a team with a balance of competences of lawyers for a particular task. You could put together five excellent experts who in the end will not be able to handle the project,” Maxim Avrashkov said.

Konstantin Boytsov, who also took part in supporting the winning process, shared his personal experience of teamwork.

“For me, teamwork, in addition to a willingness to come to the rescue at any moment and in any case, is, above all, a demonstration of interest in working on “other people’s” projects. That is, when team members do things for ‘your’ project that you yourself have not thought about,” said the expert.

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