Maxima Legal was shortlisted for RBC St Petersburg Customer eXperience Awards

Maxim Avrashkov - Managing Partner

Maxima Legal’s initiative to improve legal literacy of partners of the firm`s Private Wealth practice has been shortlisted for RBC St Petersburg Customer eXperience Awards survey of best clients service practices.

HNWI clients are serviced by companies from different sectors, whose expertise overlaps, but not as competing, but potentially complementary. At the same time, market players do not always see partnership opportunities due to lack of understanding of other business and the benefits of joint actions for both their own brand and their own client. Conscious partnership expands the range of services and creates a “one-stop-shop” association, to which the client can turn in connection with any situation that arises, which promotes longer and more trusting relationships,” Maxim Avrashkov, Managing Partner of Maxima Legal, told about the project.

It should be noted that the Customer eXperience Awards are held for the first time by RBC St Petersburg editorial office and are aimed at identifying and popularising projects in the field of improving customer experience with reasonable efficiency, created by St Petersburg companies or implemented in the North-West region of Russia. Around 40 companies took part in the research, submitting more than 75 projects for evaluation by an expert panel of 30 executives and managers of companies implementing advanced customer service technologies.