Insolvency (Bankruptcy)

Our company has gained considerable experience in representing clients in bankruptcy procedures, including highly-complicated and landmark cases.

We provide legal assistance to both debtors, creditors or insolvency administrators and to any other parties participating in insolvency proceedings. Our clients include major banks, investment companies and market leaders.

We can represent clients in transnational insolvency in Russia or abroad, and advise on foreign law issues regarding insolvency.

Our advice in insolvency includes, in particular:

  • preliminary legal analysis, assessing the appropriateness to submit an insolvency application and development of strategies for insolvency procedures
  • drafting and filing insolvency applications with the court
  • representing the interests of creditors, debtors or other parties participating in any insolvency proceedings
  • legal support for insolvency administrators
  • search of debtor’s property in Russia and globally, participation in the sale of such property
  • representation of clients in transnational bankruptcies in Russia and abroad
  • advising on any Russian and foreign law issues regarding insolvency.