Public Private Partnership (PPP)

A public-private partnership (PPP, private financial initiative – PFI)provides a special format by which infrastructural projects can be realised (mainly structured as ‘concession agreement’ or PPP/PFI agreements).

Under a public-private partnership public and private entities can consolidate their funds and investments and share the risks associated with the aim of achieving governmental projects and socially important objectives. The primary objective for implementation of such investment partnerships and projects is to be of benefit to the public by providing social projects and public infrastructure.

PPP has proven to be of considerable importance. Through the use of PPP, governmental budgets can be used more effectively by attracting private investment and businesses expertise and innovation to reduce the cost of public services for consumers and remove public authorities from being directly involved in the performance of the project; permitting it to focus on organisational and controlling functions.

Maxima Legal takes active part in the development of PPP regulation in Russia and CIS. Vladimir Kilinkarov, partner and head of PPP practice in Maxima Legal, is one of the key authors of the Model PPP law for CIS countries and an author of extensive amendments to the Russian PPP laws at both federal and regional levels.

Our legal service for PPP projects covers:

  • legal assistance in formulating and drafting proposals for the structuring and implementation of PPP projects
  • formulating the legal framework for the structuring and implementation of a PPP project, legal analysis of tender and other documentation for a PPP project;
  • drafting of concession agreements, PPP contracts and other agreements required for the implementation of a PPP project, including partnership and consortium agreements, as well as direct agreements with financial institutions
  • legal assistance in drafting applications, tender proposals and any other documents required for the participation in a PPP tender;
  • drafting incorporation documents including articles of association, corporate and other agreements for a PPP company, PPP consortium, public-private joint venture
  • legal advice and other kinds of legal assistance on any matters arising in the course of working-out and implementing a PPP project
  • resolution of disputes concerning with the organization and implementation of a PPP project.