• International standards with local appliance

    While aspiring to European standards and innovative approaches to legal practice, we are essentially a Russian law firm and know how to apply the best international legal practices in local conditions.

  • Working with clients all around the world

    Our local expertise as a national law firm and the global experience of our extensive network of international partners mean we are able to work with clients not only in Russia, but also in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. This gives us a unique opportunity to adopt the best Russian and international practices in projects all over the world.

  • Identifying unique characteristics in every business

    We devote a great deal of attention to the distinctive characteristics and unique features of each business and each project, providing individually tailored and smart solutions to meet all the client’s requirements and expectations.

Private Wealth

The Private Wealth Practice covers a wide range of legal matters connected with clients’ personal assets, including succession planning, structuring of family property, personal investments, transactions relating to real estate, securities, yachts and aircraft in Russia and abroad and other personal matters.

Maxima Legal is currently one of the few Russian law firms providing legal services of this type.

We work in close cooperation with Russian and foreign investment companies, bankers, notaries, attorneys, legal and other consulting companies all over the world. For Maxima Legal’s International Projects Group, please see here.

The Maxima Legal team has an English lawyer, who is a qualified solicitor in England and Wales (Robert Houchill) with extensive experience of advising and assisting individuals and companies in respect of UK law.
Robert heads the Immigration desk under the Private Wealth practice and has significant experience in providing a varietyof legal services in this area, including:

  • applications by individuals seeking to enter the UK as entrepreneurs or investors, spouses and partners of British citizens to obtain permission to enter the UK;
  • advising on the terms and restrictions of the Immigration Rules on the activities of foreign nationals can undertake in the UK;
  • advising individuals wanting to challenge refusals of entry clearance.

To learn more about the Maxima Legal’s immigration services here.

Our Private Wealth specialists provide legal services in the following areas:

  • complex succession planning;
  • structuring of family property, planning in the event of the breakdown of a marriage or family conflicts, preparation for a possible division of property;
  • legal support for transactions relating to personal assets in Russia and abroad (real estate, aircraft, yachts, other means of transport, art objects and cultural valuables, securities, antiques);
  • legal advice on other matters relating to clients’ property in Russia and abroad;
  • consultancy on immigration matters;
  • advising on financial investments, opening accounts and deposits abroad (private banking);
  • structuring of the possession of assets for tax purposes;
  • advising on personal insurance matters;
  • legal advice on immigration matters, assistance in obtaining residence and citizenship abroad;
  • professional assistance in situations of conflict in Russia and abroad;
  • legal support of clients’ personal philanthropic projects.

A key principle in providing our services is complete confidentiality of information received from clients during the course of our work.

Our clients of the Private Wealth Practice are wealthy people, including owners of businesses and top managers, their families and inheritors.